Esther Hauk

Selected Publications:

  • "Optimal Policy with General Signal Extraction"
    forthcoming in Journal of Monetary Economics
    with Andrea Lanteri and Albert Marcet
  • "Schooling, Nation-building and Industrialization"
    forthcoming in Journal of Theoretical Politics.
    with Javier Ortega
  • "Foreign Influence in Domestic Policy"
    forthcoming in Journal of Economic Literature.
    with Toke Aidt and Facundo Albornoz
  • "Occupational Choice with Endogenous Spillovers"
    Economic Journal, 129, 2019, 1953-1970.
    with Facundo Albornoz and Antonio Cabrales
  • "Immigrant Children's School Performance and Immigration Costs: Evidence from Spain"
    Economics Letters, 170, 2018, 27-30.
    with Facundo Albornoz, Antonio Cabrales and Paula Calvo
  • "Immigration and the School System?
    Economic Theory, 65, 2018, 855-890.
    with Facundo Albornoz and Antonio Cabrales
  • "Intergenerational Field Transitions in Economics"
    Economics Letters, 154, 2017, 1-5.
    with Facundo Albornoz, Antonio Cabrales and Pablo E. Warnes
  • "Cultural Leaders and the Clash of Civilizations"
    Journal of Conflict Resolution, 59(3), 2015, 367-400.
    with Hannes Mueller
  • "Parents, Television and Cultural Change"
    Economic Journal, 124, 2014, 1040-1065.
    with Giovanni Immodrino
  • "Civil War and U.S. Foreign Influence"
    Journal of Development Economics, 110, 2014, 64–78.
    with Facundo Albornoz
  • "Limited Liability and Mechanism Design in Procurement"
    Games and Economic Behavior, 76(1), 2012, 15-25.
    with Roberto Burguet and Juan-José Ganuza
  • "The Quality of Political Institutions and the Curse of Natural Resources"
    Economic Journal, 121, 2011, 58-88.
    with Antonio Cabrales
  • "Allocating Ideas: Horizontal Competition in Tournaments"
    Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 15(3), 2006, 763-787.
    with Juan-José Ganuza
  • "Economic Integration and Corruption"
    International Journal of Industrial Organization, 22(10), 2004, 1463-1484.
    with Juan-José Ganuza
  • "On Forward Induction and Evolutionary and Strategic Stability"
    Journal of Economic Theory, 106(1), 2002, 66-90.
    with Sjaak Hurkens
  • "On the Cultural Transmission of Corruption"
    Journal of Economic Theory, 107(2), 2002, 311-335.
    with Maria Saez-Martí
  • "Secret Information Acquisition in Cournot Markets"
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    with Sjaak Hurkens