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Recent Publications

"Civil War and U.S. Foreign Influence"
Esther Hauk and Facundo Albornoz, Journal of Development Economics, 110, 2014, 6478.

"A Many-to-Many Rural Hospital Theorem"
Flip Klijn and A. Yazıcı, Journal of Mathematical Economics, 54, 2014, 6373.

"Risk Sharing with Limited Commitment and Preference Heterogeneity: Structural Estimation and Testing"
Sarolta Lacz, forthcoming in Journal of the European Economic Association.

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Recent Working Papers

"Contrasting Bayesian and Frequentist Approaches to Autoregressions: the Role of the Initial Condition"
Marek Jarociński and Albert Marcet, Barcelona GSE Working Paper No. 776 - July 2014

"Not Just Like Starting Over: Leadership and Revivification of Cooperation in Groups"
Jordi Brandts, Christina Rott and Carles Sol, Barcelona GSE Working Paper No. 775 - July 2014

"On the Optimality of Pure Bundling for a Monopolist"
Domenico Menicucci, Sjaak Hurkens and Doh-Shin Jeon, Barcelona GSE Working Paper No. 771 - July 2014

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In the Media

2014-02-02: ngel de la Fuente on regional financing in Spain, El Pas
ngel de la Fuente (IAE-CSIC) is a member of the team that introduced a new methodology to calculate the fiscal balances of the Spanish autonomous regions.

2013-07-16: Omar Licandro has been appointed Secretary General of the International Economic Association
Professor Omar Licandro (IAE-CSIC and Barcelona GSE) has been named Secretary General of the International Economic Association. He will take over the position from fellow IAE-CSIC member and Barcelona GSE Research Professor, Joan M Esteban.

2013-05-10: Distinguished members of CSIC at UAB support Clara Ponsat
La Vanguardia, May 10: The Directors of CSIC Institutes at the campus of UAB have signed a letter of support for Clara Ponsat.

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