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Upcoming Workshops

Second Catalan Economic Society Conference, May 24-25, 2019, Institut d'Estudis Catalans, (IEC), Barcelona
The Institut d'Anàlisi Econòmica (IAE-CSIC) is one of the institutions that provide support to the Second Catalan Economic Society Conference (CESC), which will take place at the Institut d'Estudis Catalans (IEC) in Barcelona. The conference covers all fields in Economics.

Barcelona GSE Summer Forum 2019, June 10-21, 2019, UPF-BSM (Balmes), Barcelona
The Summer Forum is a series of independent workshops that cover the main fields of Economics. With each edition, the Barcelona GSE Summer Forum has grown in participation by top researchers, selectivity of papers chosen for each workshop, and reputation as the summer meeting point in Europe for colleagues with common research interests.

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Recent Publications

"Social-status Ranking: A Hidden Channel to Gender Inequality under Competition"
Arthur Schram, Jordi Brandts and Klarita Gërxhani, Experimental Economics, 22(2), 2019, 396-418.

"Fraud Tolerance in Optimal Crowdfunding"
Matthew Ellman and Sjaak Hurkens, forthcoming in Economics Letters.

"Group Inequality and the Severity of Civil Conflict"
John Huber and Laura Mayoral, Journal of Economic Growth, 24, 2019, 1-41.

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Recent Working Papers

"Foreign Influence and Domestic Policy: A Survey"
Toke S. Aidt, Facundo Albornoz and Esther Hauk, Barcelona GSE Working Papers Series No. 1072 - February 2019

"Executive Constraints as Robust Control"
Timothy Besley and Hannes Mueller, Barcelona GSE Working Paper No. 1054 - September 2018

"Linguistic Skills and the Intergenerational Transmission of Language"
Ramon Caminal, Lorenzo Cappellari and Antonio Di Paolo, Barcelona GSE Working Paper No. 1053 - September 2018

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In the Media

2018-05-14: AEA Video: Besley and Mueller on predation, protection, and productivity
The American Economic Association has produced a short video summarizing the findings of a paper by Timothy Besley (LSE) and Hannes Mueller (IAE-CSIC and BGSE) published in the April issue of the American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics. In their paper, the authors examine the impact on a nation's economy when the state fails to protect companies from criminal threats.

2018-03-20: Ada Ferrer-i-Carbonell comments on happiness
On the International Day of Happiness, Ada-i-Carbonell (IAE-CSIC) comments in the TV3 program "Tot es mou" on the role of age, income, crisis, and public policy in experiencing and achieving happiness (starting 02:25).

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