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16th Barcelona GSE Trobada and 39th Barcelona GSE Lecture, October 5, 2018
The Barcelona GSE Economics Trobada is an annual gathering of the Barcelona GSE research community that marks the beginning of the academic year. This year's edition takes place at IDEC-UPF.

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Recent Publications

"Social-status Ranking: A Hidden Channel to Gender Inequality under Competition"
Jordi Brandts, Arthur Schram and Klarita Gërxhani, forthcoming in Experimental Economics.

"The Long-run Impact of Minimum Wages on Workers' Careers: Evidence from Two Decades of Longitudinal Linked Employer-Employee Data​"
Ana Rute Cardoso, forthcoming in Scandinavian Journal of Economics.

"Reading Between the Lines: The Prediction of Political Violence Using Newspaper Text"
Hannes Mueller and Christopher Rauh, forthcoming in American Political Science Review.

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Recent Working Papers

"Liberté, Égalité Religiosité"
Joan-Maria Esteban, Gilat Levy and Laura Mayoral Barcelona GSE Working Paper No. 1030 - March 2018

"Benevolent Mediation in the Shadow of Conflict"
Andrea Canidio and Joan-Maria Esteban, Barcelona GSE Working Paper No. 1027 - March 2018

"Deliberative Structures and their Impact on Voting Behavior under Social Conflict"
Jordi Brandts, Leonie Gerhards and Lydia Mechtenberg, Barcelona GSE Working Paper No. 1022 - February 2018

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In the Media

2018-05-14: AEA Video: Besley and Mueller on predation, protection, and productivity
The American Economic Association has produced a short video summarizing the findings of a paper by Timothy Besley (LSE) and Hannes Mueller (IAE-CSIC and BGSE) published in the April issue of the American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics. In their paper, the authors examine the impact on a nation's economy when the state fails to protect companies from criminal threats.

2018-03-20: Ada Ferrer-i-Carbonell comments on happiness
On the International Day of Happiness, Ada-i-Carbonell (IAE-CSIC) comments in the TV3 program "Tot es mou" on the role of age, income, crisis, and public policy in experiencing and achieving happiness (starting 02:25).

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