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2016-11-08: Roberto Burguet, Ramon Caminal, and Matthew Ellman have been awarded a Best Paper Award
The Editors of the International Journal of Industrial Organization selected Roberto Burguet, Ramon Caminal and Matthew Ellman as recipients of the journal's Best Paper Award for, "In Google we trust?", International Journal of Industrial Organization, Volume 39, March 2015, Pages 4455.

2016-06-07: Albert Marcet has been awarded the 2016 Rey Jaume I prize in Economics
Albert Marcet (ICREA Research Professor, IAE-CSIC) was awarded this year's Rey Jaume I prize in Economics for his macroeconomic research that has contributed to "improvements in the analytical instruments used by central banks and governments."

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Upcoming Workshops

Workshop: Prediction for Prevention of Armed Conflict, May 15-16, 2017
Armed violence in large scale conflicts is occupying headlines. Pushed by the refugee crisis Western Europe has, finally, embraced the problem as a political priority. Yet, there are no clear recipes and often governments are largely reacting to violence instead of preventing it. This workshop brings together policy-makers and academics to generate a two-way exchange of ideas. Organizers: Laura Mayoral (IAE), Joan-Maria Esteban (IAE) and Hannes Mueller (IAE).
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First Catalan Economic Society Conference, May 26-27, 2017
The Institut d'Anàlisi Econòmica (IAE-CSIC) is one of the institutions that provide support to the First Catalan Economic Society Conference (CESC), which will take place at the Institut d'Estudis Catalans (IEC) in Barcelona. The conference covers all fields in Economics.

Barcelona GSE Summer Forum 2017, May 31 June 16
The Barcelona GSE Summer Forum is a series of independent workshops and policy events that cover the main fields of Economics. The objective of the Summer Forum is to bring top researchers from around the globe to Barcelona to debate the present and future of the frontier of knowledge in Economics.

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Recent Publications

"Immigration and the School System"
Esther Hauk, Facundo Albornoz and Antonio Cabrales, forthcoming in Economic Theory.

"Non-Revelation Mechanisms for Many-to-Many Matching: Equilibria versus Stability"
Flip Klijn and Bettina Klaus, forthcoming in Games and Economic Behavior.

"Stock Price Booms and Expected Capital Gains"
Albert Marcet, Klaus Adam and Johannes Beutel, forthcoming in American Economic Review.

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Recent Working Papers

"School Choice: Nash Implementation of Stable Matchings through Rank-Priority Mechanisms"
Paula Jaramillo, aǧatay Kayı and Flip Klijn, Barcelona GSE Working Paper No. 957 - March 2017

"Optimal Debt Maturity and Firm Investment"
Joachim Jungherr and Immo Schott, Barcelona GSE Working Paper No. 943 - November 2016

"Optimal Policy with General Signal Extraction"
Esther Hauk, Andrea Lanteri and Albert Marcet, Barcelona GSE Working Paper No. 932 - September 2016

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In the Media

2016-11-10: Albert Marcet comments on Trump
In an item of the news broadcast of TV3, Albert Marcet (IAE-CSIC) comments on the consequences of Donald Trump's election victory in terms of a possible slow-down in globalization.

2016-08-09: Hannes Mueller on outbreaks of civil conflict, Onda Cero
In a radio interview for Onda Cero, Hannes Mueller (IAE-CSIC) explains how the analysis of 1 million newspaper articles can be a tool to predict possible outbreaks of civil conflict over the world.

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