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2017-06-09: Carmen Herrero has been awarded the 2017 Rey Jaume I prize in Economics
Frequent IAE visitor and dear friend Carmen Herrero (University of Alicante) has been awarded this year's Rey Jaume I prize in Economics for her contributions in different fields of research, her extensive presence in national and international professional forums and committees, and her contributions to academic institutions.

2017-05-17: Hannes Mueller is tenured scientist at IAE-CSIC
We are very happy that Hannes Mueller successfully completed his "oposición" and now has a permanent position as tenured scientist at IAE-CSIC.

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Propers Workshops

15th Barcelona GSE Trobada, October 20, 2017
The Barcelona GSE Economics Trobada is an annual gathering of Barcelona GSE research community (affiliated professors, post-docs and PhD students) that marks the beginning of the academic year, introduces new affiliated professors and post-docs and their work to the research community, and serves as a venue for debate and idea exchange on current Economics issues.

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Publicacions Recents

"Immigration and the School System"
Esther Hauk, Facundo Albornoz and Antonio Cabrales, forthcoming in Economic Theory.

"Non-Revelation Mechanisms for Many-to-Many Matching: Equilibria versus Stability"
Flip Klijn and Bettina Klaus, Games and Economic Behavior, 104, 2017, 222-229.

"Stock Price Booms and Expected Capital Gains"
Albert Marcet, Klaus Adam and Johannes Beutel, American Economic Review, 107(8), 2017, 2352-2408.

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Working Papers Recents

"Reading Between the Lines: Prediction of Political Violence Using Newspaper Text"
Hannes Mueller and Christopher Rauh, Barcelona GSE Working Paper No. 990 - September 2017

"Firms and labor market inequality: Evidence and some theory"
Ana Rute Cardoso, David Card, Jörg Heining and Patrick Kline, Barcelona GSE Working Paper No. 976 - June 2017

"Occupational Choice with Endogenous Spillovers"
Esther Hauk, Facundo Albornoz and Antonio Cabrales, Barcelona GSE Working Paper No. 972 - June 2017

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A la Premsa

2016-11-10: Albert Marcet comments on Trump
In an item of the news broadcast of TV3, Albert Marcet (IAE-CSIC) comments on the consequences of Donald Trump's election victory in terms of a possible slow-down in globalization.

2016-08-09: Hannes Mueller on outbreaks of civil conflict, Onda Cero
In a radio interview for Onda Cero, Hannes Mueller (IAE-CSIC) explains how the analysis of 1 million newspaper articles can be a tool to predict possible outbreaks of civil conflict over the world.

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