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Upcoming Workshops

Barcelona GSE Winter Workshop on Applied Economics, Macroeconomics and Microeconomics, December 15, 2014
The objective of the Barcelona GSE Winter Workshops is to provide a platform where the GSE research communityincluding affiliated professors, doctoral students, and visiting academicscan come together to debate leading-edge research.

Priorat Workshop in Theoretical Political Science, June 4 - 6, 2015
This workshop is organized by Enriqueta Aragons (IAE-CSIC), Andrea Mattozzi (European University Institute) and Thomas Palfrey (California Institute of Technology)

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Publicacions Recents

"Political Autonomy and Independence: Theory and Experimental Evidence"
Jordi Brandts and Klaus Abbink, forthcoming in Journal of Theoretical Politics.

"Inequality and Happiness"
Ada Ferrer-i-Carbonell and Xavier Ramos, Journal of Economic Surveys, 28(5), 2014, 1016-1027.

"The Welfare Cost of Lawlessness: Evidence from Somali Piracy"
Hannes Mueller, Tim Besley and Thiemo Fetzer, forthcoming in Journal of the European Economic Association.

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Working Papers Recents

"Procurement Design with Corruption"
Roberto Burguet, Barcelona GSE Working Paper No. 798 - October 2014

"Which Club Should I Attend, Dad?: Targeted Socialization and Production"
Facundo Albornoz, Antonio Cabrales and Esther Hauk, Barcelona GSE Working Paper No. 797 - November 2014

"Judicial Presence and Rent Extraction"
Stephan Litschig and Yves Zamboni, Barcelona GSE Working Paper No. 796 - November 2014

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A la Premsa

2014-11-10: Joan Maria Esteban has been awarded the Diversity Prize 2014 from the Urrutia Elejalde Foundation.
The FUE-Diversity Prize Committee awarded Joan Maria Esteban (IAE-CSIC) this year's prize for his path-breaking contributions to economics and the social sciences ranging from regional economics, monetary economics, political economy, to social polarization.

2014-02-02: ngel de la Fuente on regional financing in Spain, El Pas
ngel de la Fuente (IAE-CSIC) is a member of the team that introduced a new methodology to calculate the fiscal balances of the Spanish autonomous regions.

2013-07-16: Omar Licandro has been appointed Secretary General of the International Economic Association
Professor Omar Licandro (IAE-CSIC and Barcelona GSE) has been named Secretary General of the International Economic Association. He will take over the position from fellow IAE-CSIC member and Barcelona GSE Research Professor, Joan M Esteban.

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