2021-05-28: A project co-authored by Jordi Brandts has been selected in La Caixa's call for experimental research in the social sciences
The "social observatory" of La Caixa Support has published an article co-authored by Jordi Brandts (IAE-CSIC and BSE) that studies the question whether providing scientific evidence helps to dispel widespread unfounded beliefs held by the general public. Specifically, the study focuses on rent capping whose support is very widespread because it is thought that it will enable more people to gain access to housing. However, most academic studies show that the measure does not have the desired impact. Using an experiment, the authors show that providing the public with written scientific arguments about the real effects of the measure leads to a remarkable reduction in the belief.

2021-03-26: An international research team co-led by Hannes Mueller uses machine learning to obtain alerts of violent political conflicts
Preventing the outbreak and escalation of armed conflicts has become a central objective of international organizations. An international research team led by Hannes Mueller (IAE-CSIC and BSE) and Christopher Rauh (University of Cambridge) has launched the website to offer forecasts of the risk of armed conflict in countries around the world. The forecast method, which uses machine learning techniques, is based on a database of more than 5 million newspaper articles which are updated continuously and aims to provide policy-makers with some early warning before existing tensions escalate into armed conflict. Forecasts are updated regularly and can be downloaded easily.

2021-03-25: The Institute for Economic Analysis publishes its 2019-2020 report
The report offers an overview of the research activities carried out by the members of the Institute for Economic Analysis in 2019 and 2020.

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Propers Workshops

BSE Summer Forum 2022, June 7-21, 2022, Casa de la Convalescència, Barcelona
The Summer Forum is a series of independent workshops that cover the main fields of Economics. With each edition, the BSE Summer Forum has grown in participation by top researchers, selectivity of papers chosen for each workshop, and reputation as the summer meeting point in Europe for colleagues with common research interests.

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Publicacions Recents

"Environmental Taxation in the European Union: Are There Common Trends?"
Jaume Freire-González, Francisco J. Delgado and María J. Presno, Economic Analysis and Policy, 73, 2022, 670–682.

"Perception of Corruption and Public Support for Redistribution in Latin America"
Esther Hauk, Mónica Oviedo and Xavier Ramos, forthcoming in European Journal of Political Economy.

"Groups in Conflict: Private and Public Prizes"
Laura Mayoral and Debraj Ray, Journal of Development Economics, 154, January 2022, 102759.

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Working Papers Recents

"Pictures are Worth Many Words: Effectiveness of Visual Communication in Dispelling the Rent–Control Misconception"
Jordi Brandts, Isabel Busom, Cristina Lopez-Mayan and Judith Panadés, BSE Working Paper No. 1322 - February 2022

"Shocks to Issue Salience and Electoral Competition"
Enriqueta Aragonès and Clara Ponsatí, BSE Working Paper No. 1316- October 2021

"Agricultural Modernization and Land Conflict"
Stefano Falcone and Michele Rosenberg, BSE Working Paper No. 1314 - February 2022

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A la Premsa

2022-05-27: Rodríguez on upcoming changes in interest rates
In an article of the newspaper El País, Hugo Rodríguez (IAE-CSIC and BSE) comments on upcoming higher interest rates and the negative consequences for both existing and future mortgages.

2021-09-16: Ferrer-i-Carbonell on social cohesion, equality of opportunities, and renewable energy
Ada Ferrer-i-Carbonell (IAE-CSIC, BSE, IZA) participated in a roundtable organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona on indicators of progress and well-being beyond GDP.

2021-04-20: Mueller on forecasts of the risk of armed conflict
Hannes Mueller (IAE-CSIC and BSE) was interviewed by RNE5 (Spanish National Radio) on the website The website was launched by an international research team led by him and Christopher Rauh (University of Cambridge) and offers forecasts of the risk of armed conflict in countries around the world.

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