Recent Publications

(alphabetically ordered by last name of IAE author)

"Rhetoric and Analogies"
Aragons, Enriqueta, Itzhak Gilboa, Andrew Postlewaite and David Schmeidler, Research in Economics, 68(1), 2014, 1-10.

"Electoral Competition through Issue Selection"

Aragons, Enriqueta, Micael Castanheira and Marco Giani, American Journal of Political Science, 59(1), 2015, 71-90.

"Growth, Selection and Appropriate Contracts"
Bonfiglioli, Alessandra and Gino Gancia, Review of Economic Dynamics, 17(1), 2014, 21-38.

"Political Autonomy and Independence: Theory and Experimental Evidence"
Brandts, Jordi and Klaus Abbink, forthcoming in Journal of Theoretical Politics.

"The Norm-Signaling Effects of Group Punishment: Combining Agent-Based Simulation and Laboratory Experiments"
Brandts, Jordi, Daniel Villatoro, Giulia Andrighetto, Luis Nardin, Jordi Sabater-Mir and Rosaria Conte, Social Science Computer Review, 32(3), 2014, 334.353.

"Stand by Me - Experiments on Help and Commitment in Coordination Games"

Brandts, Jordi, David Cooper, Enrique Fatas and Shi Qi, forthcoming in Management Science.

"Legitimacy, Communication and Leadership in the Turnaround Game"
Brandts, Jordi, David J. Cooper and Roberto A. Weber, forthcoming in Management Science.

The Impact of Relative Position, Prices of Sacrifice and Reciprocity: An Experimental Study Using Individual Decisions
Brandts, Jordi, Enrique Fats, Ernan Haruvy and Francisco Lagos, forthcoming in Social Choice and Welfare.

"Pivotal Suppliers and Market Power in Experimental Supply Function Competition"
Brandts, Jordi, Stan Reynolds and Arthur Schram, The Economic Journal, 124, 2014, 887-916.

"The Impact of Advice on Womens and Mens Selection into Competition"
Brandts, Jordi, Valeska Groenert and Christina Rott, forthcoming in Management Science.

"Bargaining Failures and Merger Policy"
Burguet, Roberto and Ramon Caminal, forthcoming in International Economic Review.

"Comercio online"
Burguet, Roberto, Economa Industrial, 393, 2014, 41-50.

"In Google we trust?"
Burguet, Roberto, Ramon Caminal and Matthew Ellman, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 39, 2015, 44-55.

"The Economic Value of Reciprocal Bilingualism"
Caminal, Ramon, Chapter 5 in M. Gazzola and B.A. Wickstrm (editors), The Economics of Language Policy, MIT Press, forthcoming.

"Equilibrium Institutions: The Federal-Proportional Trade Off"
Colomer, Josep M, Public Choice, 158(3-4), 2014, 559-576.

"What a world assembly could look like"
Colomer, Josep M, Research & Politics, 1(1), April-June 2014.

"A Mixed Splicing Procedure for Economic Time Series"
de la Fuente, Angel, Estadstica Espaola, 56(183), 2014, 107-121.

"Series enlazadas de empleo y VAB para Espaa, 1955-2010. (RegDat_Nac versin 3.0)"
de la Fuente, Angel, forthcoming in Estadstica Espaola.

"Series enlazadas de los principales agregados nacionales de la EPA, 1964-2009 (RegDat_EPA_nac-v10)"
de la Fuente, Angel, forthcoming in Estadstica Espaola.

"Market Distortions and Government Transparency"
Esteban, Joan, Facundo Albornoz and Paolo Vanin, Journal of the European Economic Association, 12, 2014, 200-222.

"Incentives and Constraints for Government Mass Killings"
Esteban, Joan, Massimo Morelli and Dominic Rohner, forthcoming in Economic Aspects of Genocide, Mass Killings, and their Prevention, Oxford University Press.

"Strategic Mass Killings"
Esteban, Joan, Massimo Morelli and Dominic Rohner, forthcoming in Journal of Political Economy.

"Tradable Immigration Quotas"
Fernndez-Huertas, Jess and Hillel Rapoport, Journal of Public Economics, 115, 2014, 94-108.

"The Size of the Cliff at the Border"
Fernndez-Huertas, Jess and Simone Bertoli, Regional Science and Urban Economics, 51, 2015, 1-6.

"Inequality and Happiness"
Ferrer-i-Carbonell, Ada and Xavier Ramos, Journal of Economic Surveys, 28(5), 2014, 1016-1027.

"Spain: What can we learn from past decreasing inequalities?"
Ferrer-i-Carbonell, Ada, Xavier Ramos and Mnica Oviedo in: B. Nolan, W. Salverda, D. Checchi, I. Marx, A. McKnight, I. Gyrgy Tth and H.G. van de Werfhorst (eds.), Changing Inequalities and Societal Impacts in Thirty Rich Countries, volume 2, Oxford University press, UK, 2014, Chapter 26, 616-640.

"Participation Quorums in Costly Meetings"
Flamand, Sabine and Orestis Troumpounis, Public Choice, 159(1-2), 2014, 53-62.

"Civil War and U.S. Foreign Influence"
Hauk Esther and Facundo Albornoz, Journal of Development Economics, 110, 2014, 6478.

"Cultural Leaders and the Clash of Civilizations"
Hauk Esther and Hannes Mueller, forthcoming in Journal of Conflict Resolution.

"Parents, Television and Cultural Change"
Hauk, Esther and with Giovanni Immodrino, The Economic Journal, 124, 2014, 1040-1065.

"Mobile Termination, Network Externalities, and Consumer Expectations"
Hurkens, Sjaak and Angel L. Lpez, Economic Journal, 124, 2014, 1005-1039.

"Dynamic Matching and Bargaining with Heterogeneous Deadlines"
Hurkens, Sjaak and Nir Vulkan, forthcoming in International Journal of Game Theory.

"Bayesian Nash equilibrium in linear Cournot models with private information about costs"
Hurkens, Sjaak, International Journal of Economic Theory, 10(2), 2014, 203217.

"A Many-to-Many Rural Hospital Theorem"
Klijn Flip and A. Yazıcı, Journal of Mathematical Economics, 54, 2014, 6373.

"On the Exhaustiveness of Truncation and Dropping Strategies in Many-to-Many Matching Markets"
Klijn Flip, Paula Jaramillo and agatay Kayi, Social Choice and Welfare, 42(4), 2014, 793-811.

"Asymmetrically Fair Rules for an Indivisible Good Problem with a Budget Constraint"
Kljin, Flip, Paula Jaramillo and agatay Kayi, Social Choice and Welfare 43, 2014, 603-633.

"Risk Sharing with Limited Commitment and Preference Heterogeneity: Structural Estimation and Testing"
Lacz, Sarolta, forthcoming in Journal of the European Economic Association.

"Does Risk Sharing Increase with Risk Aversion and Risk when Commitment is Limited?"
Lacz, Sarolta, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 46, 2014, 237-251.

"Endogenous Growth and Wave-Like Business Fluctuation"
Licandro Omar, Maurio Bambi and Fausto Gozzi, Journal of Economic Theory, 154, 2014, 68111.

"Saving Lives: Evidence from a Conditional Food Supplementation Program"
Litschig, Stephan and Marian Meller, Journal of Human Resources, 49(4), 2014, 1017-1055.

"Stock Market Volatility and Learning"
Marcet, Albert, Klaus Adam and Juan Pablo Nicolini, forthcoming in Journal of Finance.

"The Welfare Cost of Lawlessness: Evidence from Somali Piracy"
Mueller, Hannes, Tim Besley and Thiemo Fetzer, forthcoming in Journal of the European Economic Association.

"Understanding the Foreign Policy of Autocratic Actors: Ideology or Pragmatism? Russia and the Tymoshenko Trial as a Case Study"
Obydenkova, Anastassia and Alexander Libman, Contemporary Politics, 20(3), 2014, 347-364.

"Governance of Commons in a Large Nondemocratic Country: The Case of Forestry in the Russian Federation"
Obydenkova, Anastassia and Alexander Libman, Publius: The Journal of Federalism, 44(2), 2014, 298-323.

"International Trade as a Limiting Factor in Democratization: An Analysis of Sub-National Regions in Post-Communist Russia"
Obydenkova, Anastassia and Alexander Libman, Studies in Comparative International Development, 2014, 49, 168-196.

"Super-majorites, One-dimensional Policies, and Social Surplus"
Ponsat, Clara and Daniel Cardona, Journal of Public Economic Theory, 16(6), 2014, 884898.

"Dynamic Contracts when Agents Quality is Unknown"
Prat, Julien and Boyan Jovanovicz, Theoretical Economics, 9(3), 2014, 865914.

"The Dissent Voting Behaviour of Central Bankers: What do We Really Know?"
Zapal, Jan, Roman Horvath, Marek Rusnak and Katerina Smidkova, Applied Economics, 46(4), 2014, 450-461.

"Fiscal Councils and Economic Volatility"
Zapal. Jan, A. Gersl and M. Jasov, Finance a Uver, Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, 64(3), 2014, 190-212.