Recent Publications

(2021 and 2022 - alphabetically ordered by last name of IAE author)

"Shocks to Issue Salience and Electoral Competition"
Aragonès, Enriqueta and Clara Ponsatí, Economics of Governance, 23, 2022, 33-63.

"The Stability of Multi-Level Governments"
Aragonès, Enriqueta and Clara Ponsatí, Journal of Theoretical Politics, 33(1), 2021, 140–166.

"Advice from Women and Men and Selection into Competition"
Brandts, Jordi and Christina Rott, Journal of Economic Psychology, 82, 2021, Article 102333.

"Watching or Not Watching? Access to Information and the Incentive Effects of Firing Threats"
Brandts, Jordi, Brice Corgnet, Roberto Hernán-González, José M. Ortiz and Carles Solà, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 189, 2021, 672-685.

"Dispelling Misconceived Beliefs about Rent Control: Insights from a Field and a Laboratory Experiment"
Brandts, Jordi, Isabel Busom, Cristina Lopez-Mayan and Judith Panadés, Journal of Economic Psychology, 88, 2022, 102461.

"Deliberative Structures and their Impact on Voting Behavior under Social Conflict"
Brandts, Jordi, Leonie Gerhards and Lydia Mechtenberg, Experimental Economics, 25, 2022, 608-705.

"Gender Differences in Private and Public Goal Setting"
Brandts, Jordi, Sabrine El Baroudi, Stefanie J. Huber and Christina Rott, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 192, 2021, 222-247.

"Equal and Unequal Profit Sharing in Highly Interdependent Work Groups: A Laboratory Experiment"
Brandts, Jordi, with Andrej Angelovski and Carles Solà, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 184, 2021, 232-252.

"Time-Limited Loyalty Rewards"
Caminal, Ramon, forthcoming in Journal of Industrial Economics.

"Language-in-Education, Language Skills and the Intergenerational Transmission of Language in a Bilingual Society"
Caminal, Ramon, Lorenzo Cappellari and Antonio Di Paolo, Labour Economics, 70, 2021, 101975.

"Regional Borders, Local Unemployment and Life Satisfaction"
Ferrer-i-Carbonell, Ada and Antonio Di Paolo, Journal of Regional Science, 62(2), 2022, 412-442.

"Relative Deprivation in Tanzania: Relative Concerns and Empathy"
Ferrer-i-Carbonell, Ada and Jean-Marc Bédhat Atsebi, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 198, 2022, 389-408.

"I Perceive Therefore I Demand: The Formation of Inequality Perceptions and Demand for Redistribution"
Ferrer-i-Carbonell, Ada, Maurizio Bussolo, Anna Giolbas, and Ivan Torre, forthcoming in Review of Income and Wealth.

"What Predicts a Happy Life? A Brief Introduction to the Special Issue on the Well-being over the Life Course"
Ferrer-i-Carbonell, Ada, Nattavudh Powdthavee and Carol Graham, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 181, 2021, 288-289.

"Rebound Effect and Sustainability Science: A Review"
Freire, Jaume, David Font Vivanco, Ray Galvin, Tilman Santarius, Hans Jakob Walnum, Tamar Makov and Serenella Sala, Journal of Industrial Ecology 26(4), 2022, 1543–1563.

"Do Household Energy Services Affect Each Other Directly? The Direct Rebound Effect of Household Electricity Consumption in Spain"
Freire, Jaume, Martín Bordón and Emilio Padilla, Energy Efficiency, 15(7), 2022, 1–21.

"The Direct Rebound Effect for Two Income Groups: The Case of Paraguay"
Freire, Jaume, Martín Bordón and Emilio Padilla, Energy for Sustainable Development, 70, 2022, 430–441.

"Policy Strategies to Tackle Rebound Effects: A Comparative Analysis"
Freire-González, Jaume and Mun S. Ho, Ecological Economics 193, 2022, 107332.

"Environmental Taxation in the European Union: Are There Common Trends?"
Freire-González, Jaume, Francisco J. Delgado and María J. Presno, Economic Analysis and Policy, 73, 2022, 670–682.

"Tools for a Circular Economy: Assessing Waste Taxation in a CGE Multi-Pollutant Framework"
Freire-González, Jaume, Veronica Martinez-Sanchez and Ignasi Puig-Ventosa, Waste Management 139, 2022, 50–59.

"Bootstrapping Non-stationary Stochastic Volatility"
Georgiev, Iliyan, H. Peter Boswijk, Giuseppe Cavaliere and Anders Rahbek, Journal of Econometric, 224(1), 2021, 161-180.

"Testing for Episodic Predictability in Stock Returns"
Georgiev, Iliyan, Matei Demetrescu, Paulo M.M. Rodrigues and A.M. Robert Taylor, forthcoming in Journal of Econometrics.

"Schooling, Nation-building and Industrialization"
Hauk, Esther and with Javier Ortega, Journal of Theoretical Politics, 33(1), 2021, 56-94.

"Optimal Policy with General Signal Extraction"
Hauk, Esther, Andrea Lanteri and Albert Marcet, Journal of Monetary, Economics, 118, 2021, 54-86.

"Perception of Corruption and Public Support for Redistribution in Latin America"
Hauk, Esther, Mónica Oviedo and Xavier Ramos, European Journal of Political Economy, 74, 2022, 102174.

"Foreign Influence in Domestic Policy"
Hauk, Esther, Toke Aidt and Facundo Albornoz, Journal of Economic Literature, 59(2), 2021, 426-87.

"Mobile Termination Rates and Retail Regimes in Europe and the US: A Unified Theory of CPP and RPP",
Hurkens, Sjaak and Ángel López, Information Economics and Policy, 56, 2021, article 100915.

"Almost Mutually Best in Matching Markets: Rank Gaps and Size of the Core"
Klijn, Flip, Markus Walzl and Christopher Kah, Social Choice and Welfare, 57, 2021, 797-816.

"Academic Integrity in On-line Exams: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment"
Klijn, Flip, Mehdi Mdaghri Alaoui and Marc Vorsatz, Journal of Economic Psychology, 93, December 2022, 102555.

"School Choice: Nash Implementation of Stable Matchings through Rank-Priority Mechanisms"
Klijn, Flip, Paula Jaramillo and Çagatay Kayi, Journal of Mathematical Economics, 95, 2021, 102496.

"Common Ownership, Corporate Control and Price Competition"
López, Ángel Luis, Anna Bayona and Anton-Giulio Manganelli, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 200, 2022, 1066-1075.

"Co-investment Deterrence"
López, Ángel Luis, Anton-Giulio Manganelli and María Martín-Rodríguez, Economics Letters, 211, 2022, 110263.

"Groups in Conflict: Private and Public Prizes"
Mayoral, Laura and Debraj Ray, Journal of Development Economics, 154, January 2022, 102759.

"Introduction to the Special Issue in honor of Juan José Dolado"
Mayoral, Laura and Evi Pappa, SERIEs, 2022.

"Centralized Admissions, Affirmative Action and Access of Low-income Students to Higher Education"
Mello, Ursula, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 14(3), 2022, 166-97.

"Fiscal Capacity and State Fragility"
Mueller Hannes and Tim Besley, in Ralph Chami, Raphael Espinoza, Peter Montiel (Eds.) Macroeconomic Policy in Fragile States. Oxford University Press, 2021, Chapter 9.

"Ethnic Violence Across Space"
Mueller, Hannes, Dominic Rohner and David Schoenholzer, The Economic Journal, 132(642), 2022, 709–740