Recent Publications

(alphabetically ordered by last name of IAE author)

Negotiations and political strategies in the contest for Catalan Independence,
Aragonès, Enriqueta and Clara Ponsatí, in Catalonia: A New Independent State in Europe?, Editor: Xavier Cuadras-Morato, Routledge, Abingdon, 2016, 62- 81.

"Imperfectly Informed Voters and Strategic Extremism"
Aragonès, Enriqueta and Dimitrios Xefteris, forthcoming in International Economic Review.

"Voters' private valuation of candidates' quality"
Aragonès, Enriqueta and Dimitrios Xefteris, forthcoming in Journal of Public Economics.

"Towards a new Catalan party system"
Aragons, Enriqueta, Catalan International View, 20, winter 2015, 16-21.

"Electoral Competition through Issue Selection"

Aragons, Enriqueta, Micael Castanheira and Marco Giani, American Journal of Political Science, 59(1), 2015, 71-90.

"Hiring and Escalation Bias in Subjective Performance Evaluations: A Laboratory Experiment"
Brands, Jordi, Andrej Angelovski and Carles Sol, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 121, 2016, 114-129.

"Let's Talk: How Communication Affects Contract Design"
Brands, Jordi, Gary Charness and Matthew Ellman, Journal of the European Economic Association, 14(4), 2016, 943-974.

"Political Autonomy and Independence: Theory and Experimental Evidence"
Brandts, Jordi and Klaus Abbink, Journal of Theoretical Politics, 28, 2016, 431-460.

"An Experimental Study of Persuasion Bias and Social Influence in Networks"
Brandts, Jordi, Aya Ebru Giritligil and Roberto A. Weber, European Economic Review, 80, 2015, 214-229.

"Not Just Like Starting Over - Leadership and Revivification of Cooperation in Groups"
Brandts, Jordi, Christina Rott and Carles Solà, Experimental Economics, 19(4), 2016, 792-818.

"Stand by Me - Experiments on Help and Commitment in Coordination Games"

Brandts, Jordi, David Cooper, Enrique Fatas and Shi Qi, Management Science, 62(10), 2016, 2916-2936.

"Legitimacy, Communication and Leadership in the Turnaround Game"
Brandts, Jordi, David J. Cooper and Roberto A. Weber, Management Science, 11, 2015, 2627-2645.

"The Impact of Relative Position, Prices of Sacrifice and Reciprocity: An Experimental Study Using Individual Decisions"
Brandts, Jordi, Enrique Fatas, Ernan Haruvy and Francisco Lagos, Social Choice and Welfare, 45(3), 2015, 489-511.

"Counter-Punishment, Communication and Cooperation Among Partners"
Brandts, Jordi, Giulia Andrighetto, Rosaria Conte, Jordi Sabater-Mir, Hector Solaz, ron Szkely and Daniel Villatoro, Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 10(53), 2016.

"The Price of Luck: Paying for the Hot Hand of Others"
Brandts, Jordi, Silvia Bou, Magda Cayón and Pablo Guillén, Journal of the Economic Science Association, 2(1), 2016, 60-72.

"The Impact of Advice on Womens and Mens Selection into Competition"
Brandts, Jordi, Valeska Groenert and Christina Rott, Management Science, 61(5), 2015, 1018-1035.

"Bargaining Failures and Merger Policy"
Burguet, Roberto and Ramon Caminal, International Economic Review, 56(3), 2015, 1019-1041.

"In Google we trust?"
Burguet, Roberto, Ramon Caminal and Matthew Ellman, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 39, 2015, 44-55.

"The Economic Value of Reciprocal Bilingualism"
Caminal, Ramon, Chapter 5 in M. Gazzola and B.A. Wickstrm (editors), The Economics of Language Policy, MIT Press, forthcoming.

"Dynamic product diversity"
Caminal, Ramon, Journal of Industrial Economics, 64(1), 2016, 1-26.

"Bargaining, Sorting and the Gender Wage Gap: Quantifying the Impact of Firms on the Relative Pay of Women"
Cardoso, Ana Rute, David Card and Patrick Kline, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 131(2), 2016, 633-686.

"Firms and Labor Market Inequality: Evidence and Some Theory"
Cardoso, Ana Rute, David Card, Joerg Heining, and Patrick Kline, forthcoming in Journal of Labor Economics.

"What drives the gender wage gap? A look at the role of firm and job-title heterogeneity"
Cardoso, Ana Rute, Paulo Guimares and Pedro Portugal, Oxford Economic Papers, 68(2), 2016, 506-524.

"Educational attainment in the OECD, 1960-2010. Updated series and a comparison with other sources"
de la Fuente, Angel and Rafael Domnech, Economics of Education Review, 48, 2015, 56-74.

"Choosing and Not Choosing with and without Communication: Experimental Results on Contract Design and Selection"
Ellman, Matthew and Gary Charness, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 172(1), 2016, 142-157.

"Conflict and Development"
Esteban, Joan and Debraj Ray, forthcoming in Annual Review of Economics, 2016, 9.

"Incentives and Constraints for Government Mass Killings"
Esteban, Joan, Massimo Morelli and Dominic Rohner, in Economic Aspects of Genocides, Other Mass Atrocities, and their Prevention, Oxford University Press, 2016, 172- 189.

"Strategic Mass Killings"
Esteban, Joan, Massimo Morelli and Dominic Rohner, Journal of Political Economy, 123(5), 2015, 1087-1132.

"The Healthy Immigrant Effect: Evidence from the Ecuadorian Exodus"
Farr, Ldia, forthcoming in Journal of Population Economics.

"Rental Housing Discrimination and the Persistence of Ethnic Enclaves"
Farr, Ldia, Mariano Bosch and M. Angeles Carnero, SERIEs, 6(2), 2015, 129-152.

"Tradable refugee-admission quotas and EU asylum policy"
Fernndez-Huertas Jess and Hillel Rapoport, CESifo Economic Studies, 61(3-4) 2015, 638- 672.

"The Size of the Cliff at the Border"
Fernndez-Huertas, Jess and Simone Bertoli, Regional Science and Urban Economics, 51, 2015, 1-6.

"Cultural Leaders and the Clash of Civilizations"
Hauk Esther and Hannes Mueller, Journal of Conflict Resolution, 59(3), 2015, 367-400.

"Dynamic Matching and Bargaining with Heterogeneous Deadlines"
Hurkens, Sjaak and Nir Vulkan, forthcoming in International Journal of Game Theory.

"Dynamic Matching and Bargaining with Heterogeneous Deadlines"
Hurkens, Sjaak and Nir Vulkan, International Journal of Game Theory, 44(3), 2015, 599-629.

"On the Optimality of Pure Bundling for a Monopolist"
Hurkens, Sjaak, Doh-Shin Jeon and Domenico Menicucci, Journal of Mathematical Economics, 60, 33-42, 2015.

"Equilibria of Deferred Acceptance with Complete Lists"
Klijn, Flip and Bettina Klaus, Economics Letters, 144, 2016, 98-101.

"Outsourcing with Identical Suppliers and Shortest-First Policy: A Laboratory Experiment"
Klijn, Flip and Marc Vorsatz, forthcoming in Theory and Decision.

"Affirmative Action through Minority Reserves: An Experimental Study on School Choice"
Kljin, Flip, Joana Pais and Marc Vorsatz, Economics Letters, 139(1), 2016, 72-75.

"Risk Sharing with Limited Commitment and Preference Heterogeneity: Structural Estimation and Testing"
Lacz, Sarolta, Journal of the European Economic Association, 13(2), 2015, 265-292.

"The Longevity of Famous People from Hammurabi to Einstein"
Licandro, Omar and David de la Croix, Journal of Economic Growth, 20(3), 2015, 263-303.

"Adapting the Supply of Education to the Needs of Girls: Evidence from a Policy Experiment in Rural India"
Litschig Stephan and Marian Meller, forthcoming in Journal of Human Resources.

"Stock Market Volatility and Learning"
Marcet, Albert, Klaus Adam and Juan Pablo Nicolini, Journal of Finance, 71(1), 2016, 33-82.

"Can a Financial Transaction Tax Prevent Stock Price Booms?"
Marcet, Albert, Klaus Adam, Sebastian Merkel and Johannes Beutel, Journal of Monetary Economics, Journal of Monetary Economics, 76 Supplement, December 2015, S90S109.

"Uncertainty, Model Selection, and the PPP Puzzle"
Mayoral, Laura and Maria Dolores Gadea, Oxford Economic Papers, 67(3), 2015, 614-633.

"Primaries: The Unifying Force"
Mueller, Hannes and Rafael Hortal-Vallb, Public Choice, 163(3-4), 2015, 289-305.

Growth and Violence: Argument for a Per Capita Measure of Civil War
Mueller, Hannes, Economica, 2016, 83, 473-497.

"Insulation or Patronage: Political Institutions and Bureaucratic Efficiency"
Mueller, Hannes, The B. E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy,15(3), 2015, 961-996.

"The Welfare Cost of Lawlessness: Evidence from Somali Piracy"
Mueller, Hannes, Tim Besley and Thiemo Fetzer, Journal of the European Economic Association, 13(2), 2015, 203-239.

"Full-Time Universal Childcare in a Context of Low Maternal Employment: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Spain"
Nollenberger, Natalia and Nria Rodrguez-Planas, Labour Economics, 36, 2015, 124-136.

"CPSU Legacies and Regional Democracy in Contemporary Russia"
Obydenkova, Anastassia and Alexander Libman, Political Studies, 63, 2015, 173-190.

"Distributed Energy Generation Techniques and the Competitive Fringe Effect in Electricity Markets"
Petrikaite, Vaiva, Machiel Mulder and Bert Scholtens, Resources and Energy Economics, 42, 2015, 125-140.

"Collusion with Costly Consumer Search"
Petrikaite, Vaiva, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 44, 2016, 1-10.

"Representing a democratic constituency in negotiations: delegation versus ratification"
Ponsat Clara and Daniel Cardona, Social Choice and Welfare, 45(2), 2015, 399- 414.

"Dynamic Contracts and Learning by Doing"
Prat, Julien, Mathematics and Financial Economics, 9(3), 2015, 169-193.