Ursula Mello


AXA Research Fund Postdoctoral Grant
Ph.D. in Economics, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, 2019
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Short Biography

Ursula is an applied economist interested in Education, Labor and Public Policy. In the area of Education, her recent work is concentrated on how large educational policies impact individual behavior. In particular, she studies how the centralization of admissions and the expansion of affirmative action quotas in higher education affect the composition of the student body, individuals' incentives and choices, at both the tertiary and secondary-school levels. In the topic of Labor, her work is focused on intergenerational mobility and labor market adjustments to economic shocks. Ursula joined the IAE as a post-doctoral scholar in 2019, after completing her PhD in Economics at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. During her PhD, she visited the Department of Economics of Duke University, the International Policy Center for Inclusive Growth and worked as a Consultant for the World Bank Development Research Group and the World Bank Educational Global Practice.