Working Papers:

  • "Affirmative Action and the Choice of Schools"
  • "A Lifecycle Estimator of Intergenerational Mobility"
    with Martin Nybom and Jan Stuhler
  • "Trade Shocks and Higher Order Earnings Risk in Local Labor Markets"
    with Tomás Martínez
  • "Affirmative Action and Demand for Schooling: Evidence from Nationwide Policies"
    with Ana Paula Melo
  • "Affirmative Action, Centralized Admissions and Inequality in Access to Higher Education: Evidence from Brazil"
  • "Does Affirmative Action in Undergraduate Education Impact High Schools?"
  • "Correction Methods for Intergenerational Mobility Estimates"
    with M. Nybom and J. Stuhler
  • "Trade-induced Local Labor Market Shocks and Asymmetric Income Risk"
    with T. Martínez